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Experience the thrill and excitement of Lake Texoma Striper fishing with me Larry ” Sparky” Sparks and crew, yourLake Texoma Striper Fishing Guides. Lake Texoma offers some of the best striper fishing in this part of the country and now you can join in on the fun with our daily guided striper fishing tours. We have tours everyday running both morning and afternoon.

Why Lake Texoma Striper Fishing?

image2As the 12th largest Army Corp of Engineer reservoirs, Lake Texoma is second to none in top-notch striper fishing and bass fishing. Located on the borders of  Texas and Oklahoma, Lake Texoma has approximately 89,000 acres of surface.  The lake was stocked with striped bass in the late 1960s and has proven to be an excellent habitat for them.

It is one of the seven U.S. inland lakes where the striped bass reproduces naturally, instead of being farmed and released into the waters. The “stripers” feed on large schools of shad, and often reach sizes of 12 to 20 pounds (5 to 9 kg), with a lake record of 35.12 lb (15.93 kg) caught April 25, 1984. The town of Kingston, Oklahoma, celebrates the importance of striper fishing to the local area with the annual Kingston Striper Festival each September.

Why go with Sparky and his crew Little David and Eddie as your Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guides?

Experience and customer service are the two things I consider the most important is choosing qualified Lake Texoma striper fishing guides. In my crew and I, you will find both and a whole lot more. I have been fishing Lake Texoma for a very long time and Little David has also been a Lake Texoma fishing guide for quite some time.  We know the Lake better than most striper fishing guides and we use that experience to make your striper fishing trip a memorable one. We were born to be Lake Texoma fishing guides.

In addition to our experience as  Lake Texoma striper fishing guides, we have the equipment and staff to handle parties of any size. I have three fast boats in my fleet including two air boats. So whether you want to do Lake Texoma Striper fishing, catfishing along the Red River or duck hunting along the shores of Lake Texoma we are ready for you.

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We understand there are many striper fishing guides for you to choose from on Lake Texoma but we take great pride in our customer service, and you will always find us with a great smile on our faces. We know how important a great attitude is to any Lake Texoma striper fishing guide and you’ll find us to be hospitable, knowledgeable and above all eager to make your Lake Texoma striper fishing trip a great adventure.