Lake Texoma – A History of This Beautiful Lake

Any place in America with a colorful history is worth the recognition. One historical and simple area of North Texas is Lake Texoma or Texomaland. This place has become most popular for the great body of water that highlights it. The Lake itself is a very important part of Grayson County since it supplies clean and fresh water to all of its residents. It was in 1939 when the lake became so significant and the construction of the Denison Dam began. Its construction was one factor that lured many new families to acquire Lake Texoma real estate.

Its construction was authorized on June 28, 1938, by the Flood Control Act. In August 1939, the spillway, dam, and outlet were constructed and were completed in February 1944. During this time, the dam was known as the biggest rolled earth filled dam in the US. In March 1945, the very first hydroelectric turbine was installed and used. Another unit was installed and used in September 1949.

German prisoners were sent to a facility called North of Gainesville Camp House which was located on the shore of Lake Texoma. They were sent there to clear cut timber just below the flood line. The lake was then silent until in 1957 its water rose above its clear cut line.

Lake Texoma is one of the largest lakes in the United States and is the 12th largest COE lake. More than 6 million visitors annually come to Lake Texoma. With so many great outdoor activities it’s no wonder so many people come back time after time. Coupled with the close proximity to the DFW metroplex and the size of the lake – Texoma is the ultimate getaway spot in Texas. There is boating (of course – it’s an 89,000-acre lake), fishing (70 types of fish call the lake home), kayaking, hiking, skiing, great dining, fun nightlife, and camping. With so many deep water areas, it is the prime spot for large cruiser boats. There are also several small islands that are only accessible by water – boaters enjoy using these for camping and boat tie-ups during the warmer months.

In the most recent years, many large developers have taken measures to acquire land that for many years was not available through the COE and the local cities. These proposed developments will quite possibly bring more than 10,000 residents to the Texoma area. The economic stability of the area is something that for years and years has lured families, investors, developers and builders to this great area. The small town feel is another great attribute this area offers.

Many people looking to escape the hustle and bustle of big cities find themselves acquiring property in the Pottsboro, Denison or Southern Oklahoma areas, if only for the weekend and vacation homes. For the full-time residents, the sense of community is strong. In Pottsboro for example, the volunteers for the annual Boot Scootin’ Ball are the single largest contributor to Pottsboro’s volunteer fire department. There are many other groups such as the Friends of the Library that do their part to ensure the continued growth and prosperity of this little town.